About Us

Meet the Trainers

Deb Brown

Deb started personal training in order to have an impact on peoples’ lives. She has seen the positive impact first-hand that fitness can have on a person’s life and family. Fitness is not something you just do, to truly succeed it must become part of your life. Fitness should not overtake life, but meld into it! Deb is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, considered to be the gold-standard certification.

As well as being an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Deb is also a Certified Wellness Coach and Certified Nutrition Specialist.

“I am excited to work with clients to integrate both personal training and lifestyle coaching. The results, especially with our clients who are wanting to lose weight, are positive and lasting. It’s a pleasure and a gift to me to be able to help people achieve and keep an optimal level of wellness. Plus, the fun that our clients have while they are working out in the studio is truly inspiring and gives me energy. This is such a different exercise experience for most clients and they really stick to it. I love watching clients make physical activity a healthy habit in their lives – it’s my passion!”

Anne Bossman

My journey started very young when I became friends with a girl with muscular dystrophy in kindergarten and remained friends through 9th grade. I began my instruction coming up with activities we both could participate in. I also learned how without the ADA  getting around can be insurmountable. I became a track star in middle and high school enjoying the benefits yet having no opportunities for scholarships and developed skeletal issues all over from poor training techniques. At 15 I got my first experience in the “health club” industry teaching 15 minute calisthenic classes on the hour, every hour. I majored in Phy Ed and while in school added 4 health club employment experiences and began to realize the need for drastically improved understanding of fitness in adults, especially women.  

Eventually I worked my way up into management first small then larger multi faceted clubs and managed 15 nutrition stores in 5 states. After moving to Colorado in 1992 I started subleasing space teaching stretch, step and body weight conditioning leasing space from 6 local businesses and keeping current with trends in equipment and exercise advancements. In 2019 I made it official again and became certified through The American Council on Exercise. 
I paid attention to Deb and Dave’s On The Move Fitness as it grew over 15 years to a solid Personal Training business in Conifer and jumped at the opportunity to join Deb early in 2021. 

Corey Pace

My name is Corey Pace and I’m an NASM certified personal trainer. I played soccer most of my life, but quit playing a couple years out of high school. I found my niche in bodybuilder style resistance training shortly after. My passion in fitness and health is the idea that fitness and health is a journey with endless destinations, and I want to help others along their way. I live in Bailey with my wife, Andi, our dog, Stryder, and our two cats, Remus and Tonks.

How On The Move Fitness Started

Dave Brown_

My husband, Dave and I built On The Move Fitness from the ground up here in Conifer.   Besides raising two incredible daughters, creating this business was our next biggest accomplishment and something that we were both proud of. It’s not often that one gets to work with one’s best friend but I had the lucky experience for 15 years. Sadly, Dave passed away in June after a valiant 5 year battle with aggressive brain cancer. Besides his passion for his family and trail running, he absolutely loved being a personal trainer and helping people to become the healthiest version of themselves. Building On The Move Fitness from the ground up gave Dave immense satisfaction. If he was not running or mountain biking the Colorado high country or at Staunton, he was working or dreaming up new exercise programs for clients. His legacy remains with OTMF and we will carry on in his absence, always pushing forward to that next mountain, to that next high. Our focus has been, and always will be on providing top-notch personal training services in an approachable and supportive environment. We foster camaraderie between clients and we truly do have a great time while getting great results.

Words cannot really express how much Dave was loved and is still missed by all of us.  And “gratitude” does not even come close to expressing how I feel when I reflect on the amazing support from the community, clients and friends over the last 5 years – but it’s the closest I can come. Here’s to another 15 years of serving the community!