Success stories

Cheryl Y. skinning up near Current Creek

Cheryl Yamaguchi

I have been a client of On the Move Fitness for around 15 years.  I continue as a client even though I no longer live in Conifer because I trust them to help me to stay in shape to be able to hike and ski.  They tailor my workouts to the sport I am enjoying at the time.  Deb is conscientious of my health issues to make effective workout routines that will not aggravate any of them.  She consistently challenges me to gain strength and ability, which enables me to continue being active.
Deb has helped me to rehab the broken ankle that I suffered on the trails.  She has also helped me to continue staying fit while suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis when it hurt to get out of bed. She has also helped me to exercise safely when I had a herniated disc in my neck.  
And working out at On the Move Fitness is fun.  Deb is upbeat and personable, as well as knowledgeable!

John Stagg

About a year ago, I suffered a climbing accident and shattered my ankle. The road to recovery has been long, painful and at times discouraging. Throughout the ordeal, I could always count on Dave and Deb to provide encouragement to help me keep a positive attitude. But at the final follow up with the Orthopedist, I was told I probably wouldn’t get much more flexibility in my ankle. And because of the significant pain (arthritis) and limited range of motion, I was probably looking at an ankle replacement a few years out. That news was like a punch to the gut.

But I was not going to give up and was determined to continue Physical Therapy with the idea of pushing out the ankle replacement as long as possible. I just wasn’t sure what else I could do. That’s when Dave stepped in with a suggestion. Dave tailored a program to strengthen and stretch the muscles and tendons in my leg with the goal of improving the range of motion. Now a month into the program, I have seen remarkable improvement. Range of motion has improved, pain is reduced and ankle replacement is off the table.

Dave saved my ankle.

Bonnie Biafore

I have been working out at On The Move Fitness for more than a decade. Dave and Deb have supervised my training when I prepare for an aerial dance show, or ski, hike, cycle, and when I’m injured or when my arthritis bothers me. They always come up with new, interesting, and challenging exercises, which I love. When my body is acting up, they look for workarounds so I can keep moving. Just as important as the workouts, On the Move is like a family. I have made many friends at the studio. The On The Move family also donates to numerous charities every year. It’s the best gym I’ve ever gone to.

Rachel Baer Henderson

Deb of On The Move Fitness is an amazing trainer!  She is highly knowledgeable and adept at making workouts specific to each persons’ needs.  Deb is able to adapt workouts around specific goals, previous surgeries/medical issues and keep you on track!  I’ve been a happy client for almost 4 years since I began and wanted to get back on track before my 50th birthday after a “stint of slacking” in my late 40’s!  Deb focuses on the whole body & your overall health (nutrition, core, cardio, weights) and keeps you on your toes and makes things fun!

Colin Richards

When I tore my ACL skiing, I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever be back on the slopes again. After the injury, Dave and Deb worked intelligently with me to avoid further injury, and to strengthen my entire body pre-operation for 3 months. Pre-hab did the trick, and I actually had time to get in a trip to Key West to obtain my Advanced Open Water Certification and dive to 100 feet. My surgery involved a graft taken from my own hamstring, which was threaded through the bones around my knee. After the surgery, it was like hitting reverse full speed, and I was actually in worse shape than after the injury due to the hamstring graft. Once again, while deferring to the surgeon and physical therapist, Dave and Deb put together a careful yet rigorous training program to get me back up and literally running 3 months post-surgery. I’m proud to say I was back skiing the same terrain 6 months post-operation (powder, trees, ice, crud, you name it), and owe a hearty Thank You!!! to my great friends at On The Move Fitness.

Thanks Dave and Deb!

Mark Taylor

Deb and Dave helped identify, isolate and strengthen my problem areas which allowed my workout intensity to grow. After months of hard work I was able to take my first backpacking trip in years and while I am not tearin’ it up like I am 20 years old, I am out there and gettin’ after it and enjoying leaving some shoe leather in the woods again. Oh and I shed about 25lbs in the process so I felt both proud and confident walking my daughter down the aisle this summer as I had dropped several suit sizes! I have to say, like the On The Move slogan… I feel, look and move better!

Susie Stagg

 I started exercising at On The Move Fitness about 12 years ago on the advice of my doctor.  At 58, I was not very active.  I had high blood pressure and was headed toward a very sedentary life while the world passed me by.  If not for Deb and her late husband Dave, I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.  When I started working out I hated exercise.  And sweating….. no, not for me.   I wasn’t sure I could stay with it.  But as I stuck with the program I started seeing results (within a few months).  That was the moment for me.  I got hooked on exercise!  I feel so fit.  My core is very strong and my balance is good too!  I took up fly fishing a few years ago.  And to walk in a river with fast moving water, on slippery rocks is not so easy.  But because my core and balance are so strong,  I am able to do it!  At 70 years old, I hike, ski, fly fish.  And I’m still looking forward to my next adventure.  Fortunately, my husband is able to keep up with me….. for now.  I’m not saying it’s easy work. It can be hard at times.  But the rewards are well worth the effort! Deb is definitely a great trainer!  She is friendly, fun loving and cares about her clients!