Want to take your fitness to the next level?

Hiring a qualified Personal Trainer that knows how to develop safe and effective workouts is a recipe for success. Deb and her team are all Certified Personal Trainers with years of experience helping people change their lives and reach their goals.

We design all programs based on our clients’ goals to ensure their success. Our clients’ goals are diverse: from weight loss, to increased energy, ski conditioning, training for a specific event like a triathlon or a trek up Mt. Everest. To help you meet your personal goals, we incorporate many different modes of training that include core stability/balance, cardiovascular, flexibility, and resistance training tailored to you and your needs. You’ll never find a “one-size fits all” approach at On The Move Fitness.

Being in optimal shape will help you enjoy your personal activities so much more. Say good bye to “boring” workouts!

Semi-Private Training

Semi-Private Training is designed for people who want to take their training to the next level by training with a Personal Trainer in a small group environment. Don’t confuse this with the new buzzword in the industry called Small Group Training. In Small Group Training everyone does the same workout. You’ll always have your own workout designed for your goals and abilities.

  • Unlimited Monthly Training Sessions. You’re always working with a Trainer.
  • SMART Goals Assessment
  • Health & Fitness Assessment
    • Health & Cardiovascular/Pulmonary Disease Risk Analysis
    • Body Measurements
    • Body Movement Analysis
  • Personalized Program Design – It’s about YOU and your goals!
  • Nutritional Guidance

Punchcards also available

What does the science say?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH):

By improving an individual’s functional capacity through increased physical activity before an anticipated orthopaedic procedure, it seems reasonable to assume that the individual will maintain a higher level of functional ability and rebound more rapidly in the rehabilitation process. Prehabilitation is the process of enhancing functional capacity of the individual to enable him or her to withstand the stressor of inactivity associated with an orthopaedic procedure. A generic prehabilitation program incorporates the components of warm-up, a cardiovascular component, resistance training, flexibility training, and practicing functional tasks.

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Life Coaching

Health Coaching

Do you need an extra level of structure, support and accountability to improve your health, reduce stress or lose weight? Working in partnership with a health coach can provide that extra level of support. A coach will work with you to create a specific set of realistic goals and then work with you on a weekly basis to help you achieve those goals. Week by week, your small changes will start to really add up and before you know it, you will be at your optimal level of health!

Proper eating is the backbone of any weight loss effort. Health Coaching also includes full nutritional analysis. This way we can pinpoint deficiencies in your eating and put a plan in place to overcome them.

How can coaching help?

  • Lose weight and keep it off for good
  • Eat in a more balanced, healthy way
  • Change your daily health habits
  • Manage stress
  • Overcome common barriers to weight loss
  • Improve your personal energy
  • Maintain focus on your goals while traveling for work or pleasure

Nutritional Coaching

Are you having trouble losing weight or have lots of energy swings throughout the day? There’s a good chance it’s related to how you eat. You’re in luck since Deb is a Certified Nutritional Specialist. She will do a full nutritional analysis, recommend healthy ways to eat to support your fitness goals and/or weight loss and help pinpoint deficiencies in your eating.

Custom nutritional plan

We can do a one-time nutritional assessment or we can schedule multiple coaching sessions to ensure the success of healthy habits.

  • Proper (non-diet) way to eat to lose weight
  • How and what to eat to maintain optimal energy. Food is Fuel!
  • Proper nutrition strategies while training for an event
  • How to eat when you are on the run or have a very busy schedule
  • How to eat when out at restaurants
  • How to navigate healthy eating while traveling for work or pleasure

Pre/Post Rehabilitation

The human body very much follows the old adage;Use it or lose it. Research has shown that people who enter a surgical procedure with a higher level fitness can have reduced postoperative complications and have better outcomes (The Impact of Fitness on Surgical Outcomes: The Case for Prehabilitation). After surgery most people will enter physical therapy for rehabilitation to strengthen the body to allow it to function optimally.

The benefits aren’t limited to just pre/post surgical procedures. If you’ve had an injury, the same principles can help you recover faster and get back to the things you like to do. Anytime you’re laid up with an injury you risk losing strength, coordination and balance. More strength means less load on the joints. Better balance lowers the risk for a fall.



Prehabilitation is defined as preparing the body for surgery and post-rehabilitation after surgery. Working the body prior to surgery to strengthen not only the muscles around the surgical area (pain free of course), but to also get the body to function and move better. We’ve had clients undergo knee and hip replacement surgeries and in every case they had a faster recovery than expected.


After a surgery or an injury the body loses strength, flexibility and function. To put it simply, our body doesn’t work as well. Once physical therapy ends, it’s critical to keep strengthening your body so those hard won gains aren’t lost.

The key to continue improving functional capacity is to train the body to function as a unit as opposed to a set of parts, while also looking at life activities and sports to ensure the body is prepared for the stresses placed on it.

While injuries and surgery are a setback, in most cases with the right rehabilitation you can get back to where you were and continue to do the things you love.


John Stagg

John is absolutely amazing. He’s been through 8 surgeries for a shattered ankle from a climbing accident. He just keeps moving forward.

John was initially told he would lack significant range of motion in the ankle. Once we found out there was no mechanical limitation preventing additional range of motion, we developed a plan to see if we could increase it. I’m happy to say that our plan worked and we were able to get range of motion originally thought not possible.

Read more about John’s story here: John’s Story

Colin Richards

Colin unfortunately experienced one of the top skiing injuries. He tore his ACL, not while flying down the hill, but while catching an edge. Colin is not one to do well at stopping so we worked in concert with his physical therapist to develop a plan to get him going again once he got clearance from his doctor.

Watching Colin now you’d have no idea he had the injury at all.

Read more about Colin’s story here: Colin’s Story


Weight Loss

Tired of diets? Sick of losing weight only to gain it back?

If you have tried various fad diets and weight loss plans and have had no long-term success, it’s time for a different approach. Over the past 12 years, we have honed our weight loss program into one that is straightforward, effective and has been proven to work time and time again. Our approach to nutrition is realistic and based on real, whole foods, rather than a specific diet. In addition, we support a way of eating that is sustainable long-term so that you can keep the weight off for good!For additional support in your weight loss efforts we offer specific coaching services. For more information, please see our offerings on our Services page.


Six Step Weight Loss Plan

  1. Assessment

    We do a full fitness assessment and nutritional analysis to get information about where you are starting. The assessment includes body composition, measurements and a look at health risk factors. We also look at current cardiovascular health, muscle strength and endurance, flexibility and balance.

  2. Create personalized plan/schedule

    Based on what we learn during the assessment, what your specific goals are and what your schedule looks like, we will put together a program that includes nutritional guidance and a workout plan to get you moving, burning calories and building lean muscle.

  3. Cardio

    Cardiovascular work is one of the top ways to burn calories. We will outline a structured approach that will help you reach your weight loss goals.

  4. Strength training

    Strength training will amp up your calorie burn while you are working out, and will also increase your calorie burn for several hours after! We work your whole body, including your core muscles for an all-over effective workout.

  5. Food journal

    It only takes five minutes a day, but we find a one-to-one correlation between clients who consistently journal their food and those who lose weight and keep it off. The main value of the food journal is for you to become mindful of what you are putting in your body.

  6. Tracking

    We have weekly weigh-ins to help you stay accountable and on track. In addition, we can go back and re-measure keys areas to check your progress.

If you are serious about losing weight, give us a call and let’s get started!

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