How to Have Your Best Trip Ever!

Deb Brown, NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, CNS, CWC

More and more people are wanting to experience travel in a hands-on, adventurous way. When you can really take part in the local culture, have experiences off of the cruise ship, away from your hotel or out of the resort, then you really get the flavor for the local culture.  It enhances your experience. Before you finalize plans for that big trip, think about what you want your experience to be like. Do you need to be stronger, have more stamina, better balance? If so, consider utilizing a fitness program to help you meet your goals. We help train people of all ages for their next travel experience.

Here are some adventures that we are training (or have trained) our clients for:

  • Hiking in the local National Park
  • Backpacking for several days
  • Climbing/mountaineering a large mountain
  • Kayaking along a coast
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Exploring ancient ruins
  • Touring a large city for multiple days
  • Walking through a large museum for hours
  • Skiing for back-to-back days

When a client comes to us wanting to be stronger for a trip, we start by analyzing the movements that a person will make during the trip. For example, for our client who will be on her way to Everest Base Camp soon, we want her whole body to be strong. Flying there requires 3 flights and no small amount of stamina. Once she gets there, she will have multiple days of hiking at altitude. During her workouts, we do quite a lot of leg work, including squats, deadlifts and step ups. We also have her walk uphill on the treadmill wearing our backpack loaded up with weights that approximate what she will be carrying. Her core has be strong to provide spinal stabilization as she is hiking. Her balance must be good too, since the ground she will be walking on will be rocky and uneven. Her upper body is also worked since she will be handling heavy baggage, putting stuff up/taking stuff down out of the overhead bins on the plane, often while rotating her torso. Lastly, we have worked with her on a schedule to get out and on the local trails, dealing with the different weather situations and getting used to hiking for multiple days. She is going to have an excellent and enjoyable trip!

We had another client who recently went to Europe for three weeks. She toured large cities, old cobble-stoned towns, multiple museums, and traveled on multiple planes and trains. We worked to get her whole body strong to endure the overall stress of travel. We also spent extra time on building both strength and endurance in her lower body for all the walking she anticipated doing. The result? A spectacular trip with many unique and amazing memories during which she said she always felt great and had enough energy to do the things she wanted to do. We call that a successful trip!

If you have a trip on the horizon and are wanting to improve your stamina, work on your balance and improve your strength, give us a call to see how we can help!

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